Target Fixation- on the road and in your life

  This might not seem to apply to chiari patients at first, but I believe that it does in a big way. 

In motorcycling there's a term that everyone who's taken a beginner's safety class has heard of and talked about. "Target Fixation" .  Target fixation is when you focus on something, usually during a time of panic or vulnerability, and you freeze until something (often times a collision) snaps you out of it. A typical scenario is: a rider is going around a curve, maybe just a little bit too fast and they see that there is a guard rail all along the shoulder of the curve. Panic sets in and instead of focusing on how much room they have to make the turn... they focus on the guard rail, and of course they hit it . Most riders think "that could never happen to me".... until it happens once. Then they realize the seriousness of this danger .. if they are still alive to learn from the experience.

 The same thing CAN happen to people who aren't on motorcycles, in plain everyday life.  If you fixate on something, it may become your reality whether it's good OR bad.

The point (and there is one...) to this page is: Be cautious of what you fixate on, be it consciously or sub-consciously. Being aware of, and talking about the problems and difficulties of being a chiari patient are good and healthy things. Fixating on the difficulties isn't a good thing. If you're going to fixate on something, fixate on health and wellness, while continuing to deal with the difficulties.

Now go fixate on something positive, smiley.gif (906 bytes)